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TMF subframe and fairing supports

TMF's products are made exclusively to increase performance. A better flow in the air ducts, less weight, more compactness, more control over the engine; all made possible by TMF's products!

TMF subframe

  • much lighter than original aluminum subframes
  • as light as the magnesium OEM subframe
  • affordable
  • compact, aiming for mass centralization as well as damage reduction in the event of a crash
  • compact
  • square tubes instead of round ones, looks better!
  • Also available in black
  • everything in stock at Tovami


  • Super light yet strong
  • Comes with 2 DZUS quick-release releases, so you can literally (dis)assemble the top fairing in no time
  • The tubes flow better and are light
  • Also available in black
  • everything in stock at Tovami

TMF tank cover

  • Protects the tank from gravel damage, but also fire damage!
  • there is in the original form but also in an adapted form the 'evo'
  • The 'Evo' offers more grip due to its shape, so there is more control over the engine. Riders are much more stable during braking and mid-corner when hanging next to the bike. If it worked for Jorge Lorenzo on the Ducati, why not for you?
  • The different shape allows more work to be done from the legs, which puts less strain on the upper body. As a result, there is less fatigue and pumped forearms etc
  • TMF deliberately chooses tank covers from two parts: it is more compact and it looks nicer