Rapid Bike

Engine tuning
Rapid Bike is the most complete and advanced module for the tuning the market has to offer. Since 2004 it has been produced by the Italian company Dimpsport and from the start Tovami has been its importer for the Benelux.
"Rapid Bike" modules are universal, so the big advantage is that they fit all models of motorcycles that Rapid Bike has ever made a wiring harness and firmware for.
In addition, the components used as well as firm and software are of very high quality. The metal housing and waterproof plugs prevent interference sensitivity to name a simple example. The technology behind the built-in autotune ensures that even the most complex euro5 engines can be optimally tuned across the board and continue to adjust themselves according to weather and other conditions. 
The Rapid Bike is actually an external solution, so after removal, the motorcycle is back to its original state. In fact, the motorcycle does not "know" that there is interference through the Rapid Bike. However, the technology works so fast and is so advanced that the adjustment is always optimal.
In addition to optimal motor tuning, the Rapid Bike also has the advantage that it can be expanded with various options. For example a quickshifter, or blipperso you can upshift without a clutch and, as with the blipper, downshift. The combination with the module makes it possible to set these systems very precisely and, moreover, they adjust themselves. In this way, they are higher quality than the so-called standalone quickshifters and blippers.
For the racers, it is even possible, through the module traction control, launch control and a pit limiter realized. These can be turned on and set via a Youtune dashboard.
Basically, there are two Rapid Bike systems (click on the links for more info):
In addition, there is also the Rapid Bike easy, the EVO and the Racing also come in the 'exclusive' variant. They work exactly the same as the universal ones, but as the name suggests, here the modules are exclusive to the corresponding model of engine and thus cannot be placed on any other model of engine. On the other hand, the price is lower.
Finally, today it is also possible via Bluebike Bluetooth to pair the module with your phone.
You can then navigate via the accompanying app on your phone and view many things live such as RPM, throttle position, tuning, etc, as well as slope angle and afterwards the route driven.