K&N cleaning set

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K&N cleaning kit

The K&N cleaning kit offers you the opportunity to make your K&N filter perform like new again in 6 steps!

The kit consists of: 204 K&N oil and 355 ml cleaner 

This cleaner is the only cleaner that allows you to clean the K&N filter.


The use of any other product will result in the loss of the K&N warranty and will most likely damage the filter media.


The K&N cleaner dissolves the accumulated dirt and can be rinsed clean with water. EN. description added.

K&N seal,s kit 

This provides an airtight seal on all types of surfaces.

The sealant is heat-resistant, does not melt and stays well on the surface.

Tips for higher performance with a K&N air filter


Depending on the driving conditions, you should clean the K&N filter every 50,000-80,000 km when used on public roads. In off-road use or dusty conditions, you will need to clean the filter more often.

WARNING: Extremely fine particulate matter-agriculture-offraod-industry-sucks the oil out of the filter material. You will need to oil the filter regularly (from the clean side). Do not use too much oil and carry out a total maintenance if possible. Maintain only with K&N oil and K&N cleaner.