The best for tuning your engine

In our opinion, the Rapid Bike EVO is the best motorcycle tuning module the market has to offer. It is very sophisticated in terms of hardware, firmware and software.

The Rapidbike is the only application that can still really properly tune the lambda part, that is, the part in the lower revs and throttle levels, the "closed loop," which is where people drive a lot on public roads).

Other suppliers, especially with the newer models, are no longer able to adjust this part, only the "full throttle" part where the most important part for driving on public roads can no longer be adjusted.

Because through the Rapid Bike EVO both the "closed loop" and the areas in higher RPMs are adjustable one also speaks of "total injection control.

The major benefits:

  • The module is universal, so it can also go on another engine (different cable is needed though)
  • Controls all injectors, not for example only 4 out of 8, especially for a quickshifter as an extension this is relevant, but also for optimal tuning across the complete RPM range
  • Has a built-in autotune function that uses the original lambda sensor, so adjusts itself continuously!
  • Manufactured with high quality cables, connectors, circuit boards and has an aluminum housing, which optimally protects the electronics
  • Can almost always be expanded with a quickshifter (option)
  • Can be expanded in some cases with a quickshifter as well as blipper (option), you can see if this applies to your model of motorcycle on this site
  • Multiple mappings can be made, so that you have a better mapping for driving with a DB killer, for example