1. The module is not reprogrammable to be used on another model, so it can only be used for the model for which it is sold.
  2. The "Exclusive" version of the modules will not be sold separately - these modules come complete with wiring.
  3. The wiring harness is exactly the same as that of the EVO and Racing module, and can also be supplied as a separate item.
  4. These modules are equipped with all the functions and technical characteristics of the Evo and Racing modules, the exclusive one can therefore not be considered as a lesser version.
  5. The kit does not contain the USB cable (F27ADMUSB2), but it can be purchased separately.
  6. The kit includes a detailed manual for installation and use, along with a Rapid Bike sticker and adhesive tape - the module is clearly identified with an additional sticker for motorcycle or scooter model for which it is intended.