About Tovami

We specialize in testing and tuning cars and motorcycles. Since 1993, we have tuned more than 25,000 motorcycles, from museum specimens from the 19th century to MotoGP machines and everything in between!

As a result, we have very extensive experience with virtually all models. We know the ins and outs of most engines and know exactly which way of tuning is best for optimal tuning.

Since the beginning, the engine market has changed quite a bit. From engines with carburetors to engines with very elaborate ECUs, which control not only injection, but also traction control, electronic suspension, etc. We have experience with all systems.


Can be adjusted in the following ways:

  • carburetion kits, select settings
  • tuning on the test bench
Can be adjusted in these ways:
  • via external modules
  • directly into the ECU


In 1993 we started in Goes under the name Ruud Fredriks Dynojet ® as an importer of Dynojet and K&N filters. Ruud has sold at least 100 Dynojet test stands to renowned racing teams and motorcycle stores at home and abroad and was closely involved in the development of the Powercommander when it was just released.

Rather unexpectedly, the cooperation with Dynojet came to an end and Ruud decided to take over 'Tovami' from Ton van Mill who, like Dynojet, produced test benches. Ton had developed a very nice concept especially for lighter engines, scooters and karts. These test benches were very affordable and user friendly.

Working closely with ir. Sander Nijssen, Ruud merged his years of experience with test benches with Sander Nijssen's programming knowledge to expand and market the line of Tovami test benches. These test benches have been sold very successfully. A highlight was selling a test bench to Jos Verstappen, who used it in the early stages of Max's career. We are still proud of this!

As an alternative to the Powercommander from Dynojet, we have started importing Rapidbike from the Italian company Dimsport. Like the Powercommander, the Rapidbike is a module that can be placed on an injection-equipped engine.

In 1995, we expanded with the auto test bench.

Partly due to our years of experience in racing, we started importing and distributing CRC fairings, fairing screens, TMF subframes and other accessories from 2016.

Ruud, Ria, Johan Fredriks