TMF Subframes


The products of TMF are designed exclusively for optimizing performance. Better airflow, less weight, more efficiency during bike maintenance, more control over the bike; all for you through the products of TMF!

  • Subframes
Light weight and compact, for an affordable price
  • Cockpitframes
Light weight, compact, comes with DZUS-fasteners, so that you can easily (re)mount your CRC fairing kit.
  • Airtunnels
Also very light and always with improved airflow for more ram-air effect and therefore horsepower
  • Tankcovers

Not only for protecting your tank from scratches, but also for lowering the chances of your bike catching fire! Next to that, there are different shapes available, all designed for a better sitting position and more control over the bike through the legs. This often leads to improved laptimes and less stress on the upperbody. It worked for Jorge Lorenzo on his Ducati, so it must also work for you!

TMF chooses to use tankcovers in two parts, this because it is much more compact and better looking than a tankcover made out of one piece.